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Start your hair growth journey with an all-natural blend of premium herbs that invigorate growth. 

Chebe Hair Products Chebe Powder

 Chebe Butter Soufflé is formulated using Chebe Powder and other natural herbs found on the Western part of the African continent amongst the tribal Basara women of Chad. 


What is Chebe Hair Butter

Chebe hair butter is a natural hair care product that originates from the African country of Chad. It is made from a combination of indigenous ingredients, with the key ingredient being Chebe powder. Chebe hair butter is derived from the seeds of the Croton amnesics plant and is known for its moisturizing, strengthening and protective properties for hair.

How to Use Chebe Hair Butter:

Apply the Chebe Butter Soufflé onto the hair using your fingers to massage. Continue to work the butter into your hair by massaging onto your hair with your hands. Chebe Butter can be used daily or every other day.

Furthermore, When you apply Chebe hair butter to the hair, it is believed to coat the strands, providing hydration and sealing in moisture. It also strengthens the hair shaft, reduces frizz, and protects against environmental damage. Chebe Hair Butter helps to maintain length and improve the overall condition and appearance of hair.


Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Coco Butter, Chebe, Rice Water, Rosemary, Peppermint, Fenugreek, Black Seed, Amla, Neem, Nettle, Jojoba, Castor, Brahmi, Sea Moss, Garlic, Onion, Moringa, Vitamin E, Fragrance. 

Settling and separation are normal in natural products. Simply mix up the product, apply to hair/scalp, massage and style as usual.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 153 reviews
Evan G.

Lovely Chebe hair butter souffle with many different ingredients that promote moisture and growth. I will keep buying for continued usage. I am also using Chebe hair growth oil and I am super happy with the results. I took pictures to keep track and it is healthy and growing. Thank you so so much

Rick L.
For thick curly hair works great!

It is medium firm fluffy consistency but it melts into my hand.l after rubbing it in. It is for thick curly hair and does have oils in it it may leave your hair greasy if you have very fine hair. Works great on my dry over processed curls. Worked great for me dry or damp. I see growth and that works for me. You only need a small amount.


This is something new,delightful & refreshing for your hair. I love the consistency & how it looks & what it does for your hair….not been using it to long but until next time….


Love the moisture it keep in my hair.

Angela Jones
Chebe and me

I been using chebe oil for about three months now and my hair is growing looks and feels healthy I’m so in love with this product

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