Q: How do I grow hair faster?

How to make hair grow super fast? The answer is as simple as this... 

How fast your hair grows depends on factors like:

Hair type, age, overall health, certain health conditions and personal care routine have to be taken into account.

Omega-3 and DHA when in oil extract lengthened hair fibers and promoted wild growth. It is known among oils that promote hair growth since it nourishes the hair and support its fast hair growth and also reduces the inflammation sometimes associated with hair loss.

Zinc is necessary since it affects those with a zinc deficiency Zinc which plays a role in hair loss. Lower Zinc levels are common in alopecia areata — an autoimmune disorder that causes hair loss. Zinc can stop hair loss and is  among the best products for hair growth. One of the things that is known in science is how to stop hair fall immediately involves use of Zinc as a favorite in hair loss treatment it is used products when trying

Biotin (vitamin B7) affects those with a biotin deficiency. Biotin is often promoted for hair growth, there’s not enough evidence to show that it works if you’re not deficient. In order to know if you are deficient it is best to consult with your doctor.

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps with hair loss. Effects of vitamin C are known to help prevent oxidative stress that can cause hair to gray and thin out. However, there’s no evidence that vitamin C directly influences hair growth. It does assist in preventing thinning and brittle gray hair therefore a good ingredient in hair care.

Iron is known to affect hair loss with an iron deficiency. Iron deficiency is commonly and heavily linked to hair loss. Common signs to look for are hair thinning or more shedding than normal. Supplements with iron and the best hair products that contain iron will aid in best hair regrowth for women (men are less prone to have iron deficiency whereas hair loss treatment for women would call for Iron).

Vitamin D may only affect those with autoimmune hair loss, people with alopecia areata commonly have vitamin D deficiencies. A pivotal role vitamin D plays is stimulating new and old hair follicles. When there isn't enough vitamin D in your system, new hair growth can be negatively affected. It is suggested to supplement with vitamin D and use the best hair oils that have natural ingredients with vitamin D to allow internal and external use of herbs and oils that allow fast hair growth.

Q: Is Hair Growth Oil Good for Your Hair?

Yes, Hair growth oil is very good for hair whether long hair, short hair, gray hair, straight hair, wavy hair or curly hair. It is good for most ages ranging from children and adults who want the best hair oil for hair growth and less breakage.

 Q: What is the difference between Chebe Hair Growth Oil, Chebe Hair Grease and Chebe Hair Butter Soufflé?

Chebe Hair Growth Oil is the base unique blend of herbs and oils.

Chebe Hair Grease Grease is a hair growth grease that has been infused with the herbal properties from the chebe hair growth oil herbal blend.

Chebe Hair Butter Soufflé is similarly formulated with the herbal oil blend only difference is that it includes shea butter, coco butter and rice water.

 Q: How do I stop hair from coming out in my brush?

Outside of medical conditions and aging being a driving force in hair loss, brushing dry hair, tangled hair and brushing hair too aggressively hard can all strain your strands and make them break. Two big causes of breakage include braids that are too tight (tight hairstyles) and extremely long/heavy extensions that weigh down the hair. Use the right brush, the more curly/coily the hair the wider the tooth of the brush/detangling comb. If hair is curly/coily, use a creamy detangler on lightly damp hair in small sections to make detangling easier to minimize hair breakage during hair styling.

Q: How to use the natural hair growth products line from Chebe Hair Products?

 It is recommended to lightly mist hair with water or use a moisturizer such as a leave-in conditioner to open cuticles and soften hair. Then apply the Chebe Hair Products to the hair and massage it thoroughly. Can be used everyday or a few times a week.

Q: Is Chebe Hair Powder Natural?

Yes, Chebe is an all natural plant source herbal blend with the main seeds used known as Croton Zambesicus. Other natural herbs are collected, dried and made into finely ground powder to be used in hair treatments, the locals call this blend Chebe powder.

The other natural herbs collected to make the Chebe powder is typically made with a blend of the following natural ingredients: 

  • Clove
  • Prunus mahaleb
  • Reisin
  • Musk ambrette

Q: Which one is the best product for hair growth and thickness?

Chebe Powder can be used on all hair types but is most commonly used on type 3 curly hair (3A Hair, 3B Hair, 3C Hair) and type 4 kinky hair (4A Hair, 4B Hair, 4C Hair) to assist in minimizing hair breakage, hair shedding and hair loss thereby facilitating in longer, thicker hair with better retention. Hair growth and thickness are inevitable results of consistent and deliberate hair care and internal body balance with the right products. Depending on each individual's preference can help determine which hair product is best suited for routine. Choosing the best hair products can help your hair growth journey for healthy hair and fast hair growth. Massaging hair oil on the necessary areas is the most popular choice for curly hair individuals who wear natural hair, if you enjoy herbal hair oils then the Chebe Hair Growth Oil is recommended. If there is a preference to massage the hair with a thicker base that can lock in moisture, for better moisture for hair, then select a hair moisturizer from the Chebe Hair Grease and/or Chebe Hair Butter Soufflé; either work well along the strands of hair and give a sensational tingle across the scalp to invigorate blood flow to nourish scalp resuscitation thereby facilitating hair growth.

Q: Can I return the item if it doesn't work for me?

Unfortunately, no. Returning beauty supplies is considered a safety hazard especially once opened, used and not in it original condition. It is a violation of state rules and safety guidelines.

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