How to Use Chebe Powder Step by Step Guide

Chebe Powder has origins that stem back to the Republic of Chad, a country in Africa that borders Nigeria, Sudan and also Libya. The Basara women of Chad are notorious for having long hair and they attribute this to Hair Growth Powder which is a herbal blend from their region known as Chebe Powder.

Chebe Powder Benefits those who use it consistently resulting in length retention and fullness of hair. These tribes have been using Chebe Powder for Hair Growth for millennia because of the Benefits of Chebe Powder as Hair Growth Powder.

Chebe Powder

This is why they benefit from the Best Protein Powder for Hair Growth. Chebe Powder treatments are messy. Take precautions to protect the area that you will be working in by using newspapers or plastic bags.

Cover your countertops, remove rugs or put towels on the floors and remember to wear clothes you do not care about because the chebe powder might fall on your clothes during application. Do not apply the chebe powder to your scalp, it is meant to be applied to your hair.

What Is Chebe Powder and Can It Really Help with Hair Growth?

Chebe is essentially a Hair Growth Powder that is made from seeds and ground up with herbs and resin from West and Central Africa. When Chebe Powder for Hair Growth is used in hair it fortifies the strength of the hair and therefore reduces breakages which ultimately results in length retention, fuller, thicker hair and is known to result in new growth. You can also check all the details about the thinning hair women, causes and treatment as well.

What Is Chebe Powder?

Chebe Powder is an African traditional hair treatment from regions in Chad made from herbs and seeds that are dried, roasted and ground into slightly granular fine powder. Chebe powder is made from Croton Zambesicus (also known as Lavender Croton), mahlab soybean seeds, missic stone, cloves, and samour resin. Chebe Powder has a dark brown color and a smokey smell to it.

How to Use Chebe Powder for Hair Growth?

In the below we have mentioned some methodes to let you know how to make Chebe Powder Hair Growth oil and paste to make your hairs shine using coco black naturals curling custard.

Method A

1) Mix a tablespoon of Chebe Hair Powder with 8oz/240ml oil in a bowl.

2) Heat the bowl of oil with the double boiler method over a stove.

3) Stir the Chebe Powder Hair Growth oil mixture.

4) Remove from heat after Chebe Powder and oil mixture gets warm to the touch.

5) Allow Chebe Hair Growth Powder and oil in the bowl to cool.

6) Use a fine stocking cap or cut sheer stocking to place over another container.

7) Gently pour all the contents of the Chebe Powder Hair Growth oil into the stocking cap and container.

8) Strain by enclosing the stocking cap and squeezing the Chebe Powder as much as possible. Chebe Powder Hair Growth Oil will look black.

9) If you wish to add essential oils for benefits and fragrance, this is the time.

10) Dispense into an applicator bottle. Always shake the bottle to stir ingredients until the oil looks black before each use. Apply to lightly wet hair. Chebe for hair Growth Oil is ready for daily use no need to rinse it out.

Method B

1) Mix up to 5 tablespoons or more of Chebe Hair Powder with 6oz/170ml oil in a bowl to create a thicker paste.

2) Heat the bowl of oil with the double boiler method over a stove to infuse Chebe Powder.

3) Stir the Chebe Powder Hair Growth oil mixture.

4) Remove from heat after Chebe Powder and oil mixture gets warm to the touch.

5) Allow Chebe Hair Growth Powder and oil in the bowl to cool.

6) DO not filter or separate.

7) Apply essential oils into the cooled Chebe Powder and oil paste.

8) Dispense into a jar.

9) Apply to wet hair and use it as a deep treatment mask. Must ONLY apply to hair NOT scalp.

10) Rinse out by washing hair in sections with shampoo.

Method C

1) 3-5 tablespoons of Chebe Hair Powder mixed in a bowl with 3-5 tablespoons of leave-in conditioner.

2) Once fully mixed begin applying Chebe Hair Growth leave-in conditioner mixture to the hair and can either leave in the hair overnight or for a few days. Must ONLY apply to hair NOT scalp.

3) After overnight (or a few days) in hair then wash with shampoo.

Benefits of Chebe Powder?

Chebe Powder for Women and men helps in preventing breakage and loss. Chebe Powder for hair assists in nurturing continued hair growth by maintaining length retention of hair over time. It strengthens hair so that shedding and breakage are minimized. With continuous use, Chebe Powder for hair provides nutrients that fortify hair strands for better hair health.

Are There Any Side Effects of Chebe Powder?

If using Chebe Hair Growth Powder as directed, there shouldn’t be any major side effects when using chebe powder. However, the answer is yes. Chebe powder does have side effects; typically people with sensitive scalp issues may experience symptoms such as scalp irritation, itchy scalp and inflammation.

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