Black & Natural: 5 Helpful Tips for How to Grow 4C Hair

As we all know, Black hair is unique and beautiful. The texture and variety of our curls and coils makes way for abundant styling options with historic and cultural roots. 

4C hair has the tightest curl pattern of all hair types and is prone to dryness, shrinkage, tangles, and breakage. All this means is that there are some extra steps to take when caring for 4C hair to promote healthy, shiny coils.

Below, we’ll talk about 4C hair growth patterns and steps you can take to bolster the 4C hair growth process!

How to Grow 4C Hair

Understanding 4C Hair 

In general, Black hair grows slower than other ethnicities and hair types. This is mainly due to the fact that it grows in a curl instead of loose or straight down. As a result, it’s no surprise that 4C hair grows the slowest of all hair types (at an average rate of 0.5 inches per month) given that it’s the tightest.

The tight curl and coil shape grows thinner and more fragile as well, which is why 4C hair is more prone to breakage. A lot of people mistakenly think that 4C hair is thick, but that’s because hair strands grow together, giving a thicker look. The individual strand is actually quite thin.

Lastly, 4C hair tends to be dry and struggles to maintain moisture. The sebaceous gland in our hair follicles releases natural oils meant to protect our hair. The curl shape of 4C hair makes it harder for those oils to coat the hair from root to end. This is why ethnicities with characteristically straight hair tend to deal with oily scalps or oily hair while African and Black people have to add oil to their hair to increase moisture and strengthen hair strands.

5 Helpful Tips for How to Grow 4C Hair

1. Keep Moisture in Mind: Hydrated Hair is Healthy Hair

Since 4C hair prevents the even distribution of your natural oils, it’s up to you to make sure your hair gets the moisture it needs.

Massage nutrient-rich oils into your scalp a once or twice a week. A scalp massage increases circulation to your hair follicles, which promotes hair growth, and helps the moisture sink into the roots. You might also consider a hot oil treatment, which uses heat to open up the hair follicles for maximum absorption.

Deep Conditioning is a great way to nourish the scalp and repair damaged hair shafts. Coat your hair in a deep conditioner and let it sit for 10-20 minutes. This allows the moisture and nutrients to get into the hair shaft – which is highly beneficial for hair that struggles to hold or absorb moisture.

Hair powders, like African Chebe Powder can be mixed to create hair growth oil and applied to the hair from root to end. African Chebe Powder specifically is a champion for hair strengthening and length retention. Its unique ingredients enable hair to hold moisture and improves the elasticity of individual strands, preventing future breakage and making it a great product for 4C hair growth.

2. Natural Hair Calls for Natural Care

As you incorporate more natural oils and nutrients into your scalp and 4C hair care routine, you’ll also want to avoid harmful chemicals like sulfates and parabens.

Chemicals found in artificial hair products strip the hair of its natural oils and can stunt sebum production. Check the ingredients on your shampoo – even if you’re using a “moisturizing” shampoo – to see if it’s giving to or taking from your 4C hair.

3. Detangle 4C Hair Regularly

Given the tight curl pattern of 4C hair, it’s important to detangle on a regular basis. Tangling and matting can lead to breakage, which in turn slows down hair growth. Use a wide-tooth comb on damp hair. Start from the end and work your way to the root. Use a leave in conditioner or check chebe hair grease reviews to add slickness and help the process.

4. Use Low-Tension Hair Styles to Combat 4C Hair Shrinkage

Heat-free, low-tension hairstyles are a great way to protect your 4C hair and hair follicles. Stretch your hair without straining it to highlight your length and promote elasticity.

A few options for low-tension styles are two strand twists, twist outs and braid outs, low buns, bantu knots, and – perhaps the best option – wear your hair natural.

5. Feed Your Follicles with the Right Ingredients 

Above, we mentioned the moisturizing and strengthening power of African Chebe Powder. There are other natural ingredients that promote healthy 4C hair growth that you can look for as you purchase hair products.

Neem powder is known to clear dandruff, strengthen hair follicles, and add shine to hair.

Jojoba is rich in protein and fatty acids. When massaged into the scalp, they promote healthy follicles and stimulate 4C hair growth.

Fenugreek contains lecithin, which has protein for hair growth and improves the texture and shine of hair strands.

There are so many natural herbs, minerals, nutrients, and oils out there that work as natural remedies for hair loss, thinning, and growth. These are just a few!  

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